Jailbreak iOS 9.2 with Pangu

Here we are again with news of jailbreak iOS 9.2 as all users are now looking anxiously to update their devices just after its release.  But we know that the jailbreak community still couldn’t make iOS 9.1 a jailbroken version after covered it for Pangu 9 download. And now it’s is going to stretch the list of versions without jailbroken soon after another few days from here. So, rumors are reporting that we are going to reach another great jailbreak tool for iOS 9.2 from Pangu as they are the only team that enrolled iOS 9 series while other teams failed for that. Anyhow, this means we will be able to receive Pangu download for Windows and Mac too as the way we could jailbreak iOS 9.0 – iOS 9.0.2. But the thing is we cannot neglect Taig, PP jailbreak and other famous jailbreak teams because of their cleverness for previous iOS versions.

Jailbreak iOS 9.2

The jailbreak community for iOS 9.2

As Pangu crowned by drawing the leadership of the jailbreak community, Taig has become the rival of the jailbreak iOS 9.2 battle. Users are waiting to welcome any tool that launched first and as the best to download Cydia on iOS 9.1 and iOS 9.2 as well. Also, it seems the Keen team hasn’t backward because of their failure on iOS 9.0 even they failed for that as their only aim to access the jailbreak community. Anyhow it is great even that the browser-based jailbreak tool signed us the jailbreak iOS 9.1 possibility as still any team couldn’t reveal the jailbreak iOS 9.2. But, there was anothre news, that the jailbreak tool will release before the end of this year. But, if the iOS 9.2 launch won’t release soon, may be the tool will take some time than we thought even will pull down to the next year. Therefore, if you were looking to upgrade iOS 9.2 soon after its release if the tool signed will arrive soon, the best option is to stay away from that untill accurate news will be there to jailbreak iOS 9.2.

Pangu download for iOS 9.2

We remind you again even there are news of Pangu download for iOS 9.2, ity is not confirmed yet. If there are any directions to jailbreak iOS 9.1 or iOS 9.2 which are currently on beta stage, confirm it through our site before download on your device. If the wish Pangu download iOS 9.2 will become true get ready to celebrate anothre jailbroken iOS version for Cydia download.


Jailbreak iOS 9.2 for Cydia

iOS 9.2 is going to be the third prime release of iOS 9 series as it is passing the fourth beta version for testing purposes. The fourth beta version is a public release while it is standing as the fourth pre-release to get an idea of iOS 9.2 before the major launch. Anyhow, all Cydia users are waiting for the launch as they heard about the jailbreak iOS 9.2 for both iOS 9.1 and iOS 9.2. Even though, the iOS 9.2 download hasn’t confirmed yet all are waiting anxiously to welcome it as another great release of Apple with the jailbreak iOS 9.2 for Cydia. Still there is no any reliable news whether we will have to stay with another beta versions or the major version will release during next couple of weeks.

jailbreak iOS 9.2

iOS 9.2 jailbreak

iOS 9.2 jailbreak has become the most talk as users worrying that they won’t able to download iOS 9.2 soon after its release. As still the iOS  9.1 too couldn’t jailbreak iOS 9.2 jailbreak is an earnestness without let Apple to stretch the list of iOS releases without jailbreak. Anyhow, we know that Pangu, Taig and other famous teams too working hard for the jailbreak tool while Apple planning to make their iOS releases steady. Also, numerous reporters mentioned about the browser based jailbreak iOS 9.1 which was proclaimed that it won’t release to the public. Therefore, even we could reach a sign of jailbreak iOS 9.1, it too far away as most ignore it because of its risky manner. And also we will be able to see whether new Keen team will enter the jailbreak community with jailbreak iOS 9.2 as their first ever tool. 

Pangu and Taig with jailbreak iOS 9.2

According to rumors, jailbreak, iOS 9.2 has become the battle between Pangu and Taig for the leadership of the jailbreak community. Users are lucky to receive such great tools because of their adeptness. Even Apple patched the Pangu 9 download with iOS 9.1, maybe this time too it will be another Pangu jailbreak if Taig will fail for that. But sources are reporting that Taig is trying to replace their leadership with the jailbreak iOS 9.2. However, we are not able to download iOS 9.2 after its release until reach the tool as Apple will abolish the replace with previous iOS versions just after its release.

By the way, stay on your usual one and get ready to welcome the jailbreak iOS 9.2 for Cydia download.

Cydia download iOS 9.0 to get Emojis iOS 9.1

As you already know, Pangu could make iOS 9.0 – iOS 9.0.2 jailbroken, after couple of weeks from its major release. Therefore, users are able to make their devices jailbroken with Pangu 1.2.0 for Windows and Pangu 1.0.0 for Mac to download Cydia iOS 9.0 for all compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod. If you were there with our previous articles, we mentioned directions of Cydia download iOS 9.0. Therefore, if the device you are using is still without jailbreak, download Pangu 9 jailbreak and Cydia download iOS 9. Number of new and improved Cydia tweaks are waiting to make you interest with your iDevice. While iOS 9.1 cannot Cydia download, stay with your current iOS 9 even it is a below version and reach all features of iOS 9.1 just with Cydia. As an example, you can get Emojis of iOS 9.1 with Cydia download iOS 9. Therefore, as most users are interesting of Emojis lets concern how to get iOS 9.1 Emojis on iOS 9?


BytaFont2 with Cydia download iOS 9

BytaFont2 Cydia tweaks is the main one that stands for the font customization of jailbroken devices. The BytaFont2 will offer you a list of fonts that you are able to download on your device including iOS 9.1 Emojis. So, with Emojis you can choose some other fonts too that you need on your jailbroken device to make it exciting one on your hand. Anyhow, after you Cydia download iOS 9, open and download BytaFont2 from the list. to get iOS 9.1 Emijis on your iOS 9 device, you will need Emoji iOS 9 Backup (D) and Emoji83+ as well. You can use following method to continue the procedure.

iOS 9.1 Emojis on iOS 9 with Cydia download

  • First of all, install Emoji iOS 9 Backup (D) on your device.
  • You must add the Poomsmart repo using Sources tab.
  • Then you have to download the Emoji83+ for the installation and respiring your device as well.
  • Open the BytaFont2 and click on the button Swap Mode.
  • Then go to the section Emoji iOS 9.1 and allow the next step with Yes and let your device respring.

You can see all excellent and interesting Emojis that included on iOS 9.1 will be there on your iOS 9. Hope you would like to take pleasure with your Cydia download iOS 9 as it can make your device slimier to a device running iOS 9.1 simply with its tweaks.