Geeksn0w 2.8.1 jailbreak iOS 7.1 – GeekSn0w jailbreak updates for A 4 devices !

It’s not too long since  GeekSnow , The only iOS 7.1 jailbreak developers released two version of  Tethered JB tool to jailbreak A4 devices. He released the stable and more compatible version today !

geeksn0w jailbreak

If you’re new to this tool,GeekSn0w jailbreak ,here is the Quick Facts about geeksn0w jailbreak. Also check our previous guide for geeksnow 2.8 for further informations and how to jailbreak guide

  • You can jailbreak iOS 7.1 and this is the only available tool for the moment
  • Only works with A4 devices (iPhone 4)
  • This is not unTethered jailbreak , its Tethered so you have to plug your device to PC each time you reboot it (because its Tethered JB)

What is new with GeekSnow 2.8.1 – Download GeekSn0w release notes

  • Fixed bugs and Crashes with geeksn0w 2.8
  • Removed the  ”dfuarch”- GeekSn0w uses iRecovery to identify the iPhone model
  • “New Curses” error is Fixed  (installation error)

Download geeksnow 2.8.1

Update 1 : GeekSn0w 2.8.2 released with fixed issues – Download GeekSnow 2.8.2

Download geeksnow 2.8.2

Whats new with GeekSn0w 2.8.2

  • Fixed some issue with iPhone 3,2 & 3,3 Jailbreaking process

Do i need to re-jailbreak ?   –> No you do not need to re jailbreak if you already jailbroken your device

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Latest GeekSn0w 2.8 with some improvements – iOS 7.1 GeekSn0w jailbreak updates

After the release of first iOS 7.1 jailbreak tool , Geeksn0w 2.6 , Tethered developpes just released two updated versions of  geeksnow jailbreak utility.  You can find latest download geeksn0w 2.8 end of this article.

jailbreak geeksno0w 2.8

Latest Improvements with GeekSn0w jailbreak

GeekSn0w 2.8

  • Fixed a major bug of GeekSn0w dfuarch extension

Download geeksn0w 2.8 via our dedicated geeksnow jailbreak site

GeekSn0w 2.7

  • Official Cydia 1.1.9 build with fixed Mail/Safari/Calculator & Weather crash!
  • Addded auto-Hacktivation for locked iPhones
  • Progress Bar bug is Fixed
  • Added iDevice arch finder(auto detect iPhone model)
  • Improved /speeded “Mounting root_fs as r/w” a lot
  • Fixed error
  • Reduced tool size
  • Much faster  Jailbreak process
  • Added AFC2 protocol (iFunBox, iExplorer)

If you are seeking complete tutorial, check our GeekSn0w jailbreak Guide. Please notice geeksn0w is still tethered jailbreak & only working with A4 based devices. Subscribe to our jailbreak news for latest jailbreak updates for iOS 7.1

Download evasi0n 1.0.8 – evasion jailbreak for iOS 7

Team evad3rs updated their much anticipated jailbreak tool again. yes it evasi0n 7 1.0.8 and not yet supported iOS 7.1 jailbreak like we expected. Its not good news for iOS 7.1 users but updates always it is comes with good intentions.

Evasi0n7 Jailbreak Tutorial

Evasion 1.0.8 jailbreak guides

You can still  follow our previous ios 7.1 evasion jailbreak  tutorial  since there is not any much of difference.Please notice the latest evasion7 1.0.8 not supports iOS 7.1 jailbreak like we expected. iOS 7.1 is only available for A4 chip based devices, (iPhone ) and its via GeekSn0w but its  tethered jailbreak

Evasi0n 1.0.8 download - Direct updated links

As alway we will be the first to inform and provide direct download links for jailbreak tools.

You can Download evasi0n 1.0.8 via .

Evasion 1.0.8 – Windows

Evasi0n7 1.0.8 – MAC

Important facts with the update

  •  Do not update to iOS 7.1 since you can not jailbreak iOS 7.1 with evasi0n 1.0.8
  • You can always download latest version through our direct links
  • latest 1.0.8 support for iOS 7.0 11A466 that shipped with some 5s and 5c iPhones
  • iOS 7.1 jailbreak only available for A4 chi devices , yet it is a tethered jailbreak