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evasi0n7 downloadWith ongoing update with evasi0n we linked all the evasi0n download links to this page.This page is dedicated for Evasi0n Download  and we are updating this frequently.You can find Latest evasi0n jailbreak download links through this page !

You can download Evasi0n for mac and Evasion for Windows.This is suitable for all iOS versions up to iOS 7.x and compatible with all iOS devices.

Update : Jailbreak iOS 7.0.5 with latest evasi0n7 1.0.5


Download evasi0n 1.0.5

now supports Jailbreak iOS 7.0.5 devices

download evasi0n  1.0.5  – Windows

download evasi0n  1.0.5  – MAC


Download evasi0n 1.0.4

Some major security fixes,kernel payload now restores sysent table,code fix for bootstrap Cydia .tar files verification

Evasi0n  1.0.4 Windows Jailbreak

Evasi0n  1.0.4 MAC jailbreak


Download evasi0n 1.0.3

Support latest iOS7.1 beta 3, latest Cydia bundle, iPad mini (Retina) reboot loop fix

evasi0n win-1.0.3 – f2414a5b6f59f8c4001d463867da66b60cef4198

evasi0n mac-1.0.3 – f2414a5b6f59f8c4001d463867da66b60cef4198


Download evasi0n 1.0.2

Download evasi0n for windows


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