Are you ready to download iOS 13.5.1?

It is great to write this post about another new reveal of Apple as the first minor offer to iOS 13.5. The most recent update can bring on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as iOS 13.5.1. Everyone knows that the previous chapter was a version and that designed with a few Covid-19 features in addition to its planned features. And now, 13.5.1 became the highest that recommended device owners can collect. And we must note that the iPadOS 13.5.1 too arrived for recommended devices. However, let’s talk about if download iOS 13.5.1 is a good version to upgrade your device and what’s new surrounded by the version?

download ios 13.5.1

What’s new with iOS 13.5.1?

iOS 13.5.1 is a surprising release for there was not any clue of such an update. And even it was just a few days from its major 13.5 which recommended for users those who wished features for Covid-19. However, at this time, Apple introduced the latest version as an important security update. So it seems several significant security fixes and enhancements are there.

Those who wish to welcome the version can collect it as an OTA through the Settings app. But you will automatically reach the update if you turned on automatic updates. This is a completely free and safe update unless you have reasons that keep you with older versions.

How to jailbreak iOS 13.5.1?

This is a very important topic and that many of you may anxious to know. As experts clarified, iOS 13.5.1 is a serious and perfect update of Apple and that patched Unc0ver jailbreak completely. Although we do not have that Checkra1n is clear, we yet to confirm that the Checkra1n tool can still support devices running 13.5.1. For such reasons, this has been highlighted as a chapter that jailbreakers should avoid. If you wish to collect it, make sure that you have to stay far from Cydia for a couple of days; maybe weeks or months till a good confirmation.

Final words

By the way, iOS 13.5.1 written as the highest iOS 13 chapter that users with recommended devices can use. Apply the same for iPadOS 13.5.1. This is a great version to collect by those who anxious about security fixes and rapid enhancements. But remember that this is a serious version that jailbreak users have to patiently stay away from. It has been specifically testified by developers. So keep your eyes on and be prepared to jailbreak it in the future as soon as possible.

Complete guide to jailbreak iOS 13.5 using Unc0ver

In this guide, we will let you know how to jailbreak iOS 13.5 with the latest update of Unc0ver jailbreak tool. If you are using iOS 13.5, Unc0ver has been introduced its all-new jailbreak tool to bring Cydia in it. Since this perfectly supports all iOS 13.5 running devices, there is nothing to worry about the device model. Unc0ver is the latest 0-day exploits based application and that changed the common way of 1-day exploit approach. Those who are looking for an alternative can navigate to the Checkra1n tool and that too will let you jailbreak the device and bring Cydia in it. Here we go.

jailbreak ios 13.5

Guide to jailbreak iOS 13.5

  • Make sure that your iDevice running iOS 13.5
  • Firstly, you have to download AltServer to the computer and launch it
  • Use a proper cable and connect the device to the computer
  • And remember to set up Mail Plugin as a part of setting up AltStore
  • Now click the AltServer icon from the menu bar and install AltStar
  • Select the device and continue
  • Go to the Home screen and check the AltStore icon there
  • Trust the developer by navigating to Settings > General > Device management > Apple ID
  • Turn to the iDevice and download Unc0ver latest version. The “Open In..” option should clearly display there
  • The installation of the jailbreak tool will start
  • Give your Apple ID login details when you will ask to. Use accurate and the same login details
  • Now go and launch the Unc0ver app
  • Tap the certain jailbreak button for the operation
  • The device should respring and arrange Cydia icon on the Home screen

Note: If the jailbreak process will fail, check if there is any mistake or a step that you failed to apply properly. If you repeatedly fail, clear the app cache and restart the device. Enable Airplane mode too will be helpful.

Important facts for jailbreak iOS 13.5

  • Unc0ver will offer you Semi-untethered status that you have to enable again after every reboot of the device
  • If your device has any OTA file of iOS 13, it should completely delete from the device. For that, go to Settings > Storage > reboot the device
  • This will perfectly support Cydia and substrate
  • Create a complete backup of all data before goes through the jailbreak process. So you can restore it whenever you want. Or else you can find out your data safely somewhere you kept it

How to jailbreak using Evasi0n 7.1.2?

Today, we are going to talk about one of the highlighted topics in the jailbreak community. If you are with iOS 7.0 to iOS 7.1.2, this is for you to get closer to Cydia. Is it Evasi0n 7.1.2? Do not follow fake directions unless there is evidence. The truth is iOS 7.1.2 is not a version that broke by Evasi0n. It was well-known Pangu with a tool and that supports iOS 7 to 7.1.2 running iDevices. And now, those who wish to jailbreak their devices running related versions can bring complete Cydia package on their devices using Pangu.

evasi0n 7.1.2

Evasi0n 7.1.2 using Pangu jailbreak

If you went wrong that Evasi0n is the tool that you have to apply, on your iDevice, just be prepared to hand over it to Pangu. Pangu is an advanced utility since far and that stopped from iOS 9 a few years back. However, here is the guide to bring Cydia on your 7.1.2.

  • Download Pangu 7.1.2 on your Windows or Mac
  • Run the file as an administrator if you are with PC or double click on the respective dmg file and go on for Mac
  • Select the jailbreak button that will display in black color right away
  • Go through each direction carefully
  • If the tool will request to arrange the date, turn to Settings > General and then adjust the date as recommended
  • The process will start and install the app
  • Go to the Home screen and open Pangu app
  • When a warning message will appear, just tap the Continue button and go on
  • The iDevice will reboot a couple of times during the procedure
  • The Cydia icon too will state on your Home screen
  • Navigate to Date from Settings and arrange it to the normal date
  • Now you can bring any Cydia tweak from the app that you brought through Pangu 7.1.2

Wrapping up

It was a few years back that we often talked about Evasi0n. when it is about iOS 7 – 7.1.2, you can use Pangu and not Evasi0n. team Pangu offered a couple of remarkable applications to the audience until iOS 9.0. After Yalu became the jailbreak of iOS 10, we could not find out any public deal from Pangu for some uncertain reasons. However, it is Unc0ver and Checkra1n as two tools that we can use for iOS 13. And we hope this will change or developers will continue their deals when we turn into iOS 14 within a couple of days.