Get ready to download Cydia iOS 13

We are slowly getting closer to the end of the year 2019. As we planned from the very beginning of the year, we could start iOS 13 and welcome iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro as well. Within few more days, 13.1 will set to the audience. So we are here to make sure about the current situation of Cydia iOS 13. Here we go.

cydia ios 13

Jailbreak for Cydia iOS 13

So we are ready to download Cydia on our iOS 13 running iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. But, how can we find out its jailbreak? The truth is the 13th iOS chapter is an empty one which does not have a proper doorway. Although there were predictions that it will turn into jailbroken within a couple of days from the publication, we did not reach any proper thing thus far. Though it is pity, we cannot that easily decide that it is good to navigate to iOS 13 even without a jailbreak as we do not know how long they will remain to offer us the utility to collect Cydia through.

Sileo and Cydia iOS 13

So Sileo is the all-new alternative app store for Cydia. It brought to the audience for the first time through Chimera tool and that addressed iOS 11 to 12.4. However, Sileo is the only app store that we can deal with instead of Cydia. But we do not know will it be able to use when iOS 13 too become jailbroken. First of all, its developer should decide if they will be able to let users go through Sileo even with iOS 13 jailbreak. Until the developer confirms its release, we cannot confirm as even we do not have a jailbreak either.

cydia ios 13

Final words

Within a couple of days, Apple will start the all-new 13.1 as the successor of the major iOS 13. But we could not collect anything interested related to its jailbreak status. If you feel that 13 going to become an unbreakable version like many previous rumors said about its high-class security features, just remember that we went through a couple of evidence thanks to hackers like Luca Todesco that proved it is not such hard to. So, be patience as we should remain a couple of days to capture the truth without chase the wrong directions.  Keep in mind that upgrade will not be a good decision for still we know iOS 13 as an empty chapter.