The best Cydia tweaks iOS 11

Here is the list we collected on your way to having a couple of amazing Cydia tweaks before saying goodbye to the 11th iPhone operating system. Therefore, you are with a jailbroken device running versions below 11.4, our collection of Cydia tweaks iOS 11 would be attention-grabbing and supportive. So here we go through. You will probably encounter at least a single app among those that you remained since far.

cydia tweaks ios 11

Best Cydia tweaks iOS 11

  • YouRespring

Once an iDevice will respring, according to the formal manner, the display turns in to black and white. But when you come to this, you can customize the entire using GIF images that it contains.

  • VoiceChanger X

This is the tweak that can let you answer any phone call using Chipmunks or else Darth Vader sounds rather than often odd.

  • VideoHUD

This can let you enhance your stock volume HUD, unlike frequent functionalities that you currently hold. And even it is the system-wide support that enhances everything.

  • TapVideoConfig

Simply modify the video recording quality of your beloved device using the free TapVideoConfig.

  • SwipeUptoKillX

To remove certain apps from the interface, you should hold them for minutes on App switcher. Since it is a huge trouble, use this to swiftly to remove them by just use seconds to do so.

  • SpotCleanerOnClose

Remove all search queries using SpotCleanerOnClose whenever you close the UI. So you will not in a trouble of reminding your most recent search results.

  • Snowboard

Since the famed Winterboard has no recent updates, we can navigate to Snowboard if we would love to perform with complete theme replacements.

  • ShortLock

ShortLook comes with a fresh notification experience in a unique manner.

  • SafariUnleashed PRO

You can have several further modifications to your Safari browser.

  • RealCC

We cannot completely turn off wireless radio in the Control panel toggle keys that we use for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Since they just limit their activity and let us move forward, it is important to install RealCC.

  • Priority

Those notifications that you need to prioritize can arrange simply using this tweak in order to arrange them orderly.

  • PremiumPlay

Users stand with ATV know how incredible when you have AirPlay there for you. Unfortunately, some of those applications prohibited you from using AirPlay. But with PremiumPlay, you can start play without any trouble.

  • Callbar X

Simply get a bar from a caller on your screen rather than let it spread it everywhere even to bother your current work. So this is the certain dealer that opens a call bar in the top of the device to reject or answer the call right away.

cydia tweaks ios 11

Cydia tweaks iOS 11 on iOS 12

As we started the journey of the 12th iPhone OS a couple of days ago, it would be great to know whether hackers agreed to launch a public jailbreak tool for those users to enjoy with. But even now, there is no any clue with the exception of those evidences hackers done since a couple of days. So even they showcased us the possibility, it is not the certain point that we desire to go.