Get ready to download Cydia iOS 13

We are slowly getting closer to the end of the year 2019. As we planned from the very beginning of the year, we could start iOS 13 and welcome iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro as well. Within few more days, 13.1 will set to the audience. So we are here to make sure about the current situation of Cydia iOS 13. Here we go.

cydia ios 13

Jailbreak for Cydia iOS 13

So we are ready to download Cydia on our iOS 13 running iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. But, how can we find out its jailbreak? The truth is the 13th iOS chapter is an empty one which does not have a proper doorway. Although there were predictions that it will turn into jailbroken within a couple of days from the publication, we did not reach any proper thing thus far. Though it is pity, we cannot that easily decide that it is good to navigate to iOS 13 even without a jailbreak as we do not know how long they will remain to offer us the utility to collect Cydia through.

Sileo and Cydia iOS 13

So Sileo is the all-new alternative app store for Cydia. It brought to the audience for the first time through Chimera tool and that addressed iOS 11 to 12.4. However, Sileo is the only app store that we can deal with instead of Cydia. But we do not know will it be able to use when iOS 13 too become jailbroken. First of all, its developer should decide if they will be able to let users go through Sileo even with iOS 13 jailbreak. Until the developer confirms its release, we cannot confirm as even we do not have a jailbreak either.

cydia ios 13

Final words

Within a couple of days, Apple will start the all-new 13.1 as the successor of the major iOS 13. But we could not collect anything interested related to its jailbreak status. If you feel that 13 going to become an unbreakable version like many previous rumors said about its high-class security features, just remember that we went through a couple of evidence thanks to hackers like Luca Todesco that proved it is not such hard to. So, be patience as we should remain a couple of days to capture the truth without chase the wrong directions.  Keep in mind that upgrade will not be a good decision for still we know iOS 13 as an empty chapter.

Are you ready to jailbreak iOS 13?

As we are here after a long with a new iPhone operating system, it is great having a new jailbreak tool as well. So this is about jailbreak iOS 13. Are you ready to go through? But do not hurry to upgrade. Just patiently count days for we have a few further to go. Since features like the new Siri voice and system-wide dark mode are there to turn the chapter, we have more to consider even there is nothing to capture about Cydia or whatever. So here is what you can collect at the moment.

ios 13 jailbreak

Jailbreak iOS 13 with Cydia

Of course, this is what we all should chase. Unfortunately, there is no proper direction to make sure if hackers got a key to open the doorway of iOS 13. What we currently have is Chimera and Unc0ver but only for iOS 12.4 and prior.

At the moment, iOS 13 is an empty session that just surrounded everything official but not any jailbreak feature. So you cannot download Cydia either. Those who are upgraded better realize that they are no longer capable of downgrading to 12.4 and jailbreak back. So all you can do is play iOS 13 and remain for very own jailbreak tool to escape.

Jailbreak iOS 13 rumors and predictions

There are a couple of reports predict various offers of hackers since far. But this time, we are unable to get something new from them either. It is because of the shady standing of jailbreakers. So we should remain there and even keep in mind not to chase rumors as we have nothing reliable so far to. We hope at least the major release of 13 and those two new iPhones will eager hackers for something new rapidly.

jailbreak ios 13

Final words

By the way, we have to go through several directions until hackers come up with reliable details. At this moment, we do not have good points to let you know and even ask you to be prepared. But there is no doubt that upgrade to the latest iOS 13 is not the solution while you have to battle with a non-jailbreak system for a long. Of course, we cannot predict any related thing or else when will be able to count a new jailbreak either. If you will see something interesting, make sure there is evidence as well. If not, it is good to think twice.

Pull things together for iOS 13 jailbreak

If you were there from the very beginning of iOS 13, there is no doubt that you already know what it brought you. This will be the commencing OS of the newfangled iPhone 11 Pro and 11. If you are with whatever 64-bit iDevice, you are welcome to upgrade using iTunes or else Over The Air method. So this is the iOS 13 jailbreak story that we have to start even surround a few reliable directions. Of course, there is no clear detail that showing the path to walk to encounter the next breakout. But we should find out a way to reach it and become jailbroken at the perfect moment.

ios 13 jailbreak

Are you ready for iOS 13 jailbreak?

Since 13 is the brand new iPhone OS of Apple and that even released a few days back, we should find out if hackers can support us to break the wall of such a huge OS. At this instant, reports only cover everything about its official details for there is no doubt that hackers remain silent. As we are with the Golden Master and that will end its journey from few more days launching the major role, we do not have remained long. Something related to its possibility will unwrap on time.

How to be prepared for iOS 13 jailbreak?

Of course, being prepared for the approaching breakout is important if you already upgraded to 12.4.1 or 13 beta. But if you are lucky enough to play with 12.4 and earlier, for surely you are with Chimera or Unc0ver tools. You have each and everything related to jailbroken status when you are with those two recent releases. Somehow, what you should remember is keep safe your 12.4 or prior version without upgrade to those non-jailbreak versions as you so do not have a doorway to return back.

ios 13 jailbreak

Final words

By the way, as we are with the all-new iOS 13, it is time to see how hackers going to resolve this situation. Thanks to Pwn20wnd and CoolStar, we have a short gap to cover from 12.4.1. Until then, all the previous chapters apart from 12.3 to 12.3.2, capable to collect Cydia and everything related to jailbreak. If you are anxious about being with the non-jailbreak 13, keep in your mind that we are just with the Golden Master and even that will shortly come to an end. So we can hopefully look forward to something great from the day we start the major release.