Customize iPhone Home screen without jailbreak

Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad will help you to customize your device and even advance it than ever before. You can jailbreak your iDevices using recommended tools up to iOS 13.3. It was Unc0ver jailbreak as the final stable and public offer from hackers. In the end, you will download Cydia which consists of tons of amazing uses that you can never gain from any other approach. But, we are going to let you know something different from that. Do not fall apart for you cannot jailbreak. Still, there are several useful and advanced things that we can go through even without jailbreak. So this is about customize iPhone home screen without jailbreak.

customize iphone home

Customize iPhone home screen without jailbreak

When you do not have jailbreak permission, bugs are the useful tricks that support to customize the Home screen. Until they are not harmful or insecure, you can use them and enjoy customizations. But, remember that most of those renewals cannot stay there for a long. They will switch their status during your usual iDevice functions. Thus, sometimes you may think that it is jailbreak the only way to add long lasting features. But it is up to you to decide should you jailbreak or not. Here we go.

Hide the Status bar

If you are with iOS 10, you can hide your Status bar with a glitch. But this will not remain long as it will switch once you open an app.

  • Launch the App Switcher with two taps on the Home button
  • And then press and continue the Sleep button until “Slide to power off” option will appear
  • And finally, press the Home button twice once more
  • When you go back to the Home screen, you will see that the Status bar has been removed

Hide app icon labels

  • Open Settings > General > Accessibility
  • And then toggle the Reduce Motion option
  • Go to Control Center
  • Bring the Control Center to the center of the screen and keep your fingers at the same
  • Launch App Switch by press twice the Home key
  • All labels that kept with the dock will no longer remain there

Wrapping up

By the way, there are many arrangements that you can go through. Find out them and enjoy simple customizations without jailbreak. Or else you can find out certain apps from the Apple App store rather than spend your time with the odd frame of Apple iPhone operating system.