Download Cydia iOS 11 – Latest Cydia tweaks

Within 2 weeks of the release of 11th firmware developer beta 01, there was a Cydia demo from the Keen Lab Security at last Mosec 2017. Of course, they succeed to blast the current 10.3.2 and upcoming 11th chapter in beta. Of Course, on last week Apple has rolled out the 2nd public beta with the same features of the 3rd developer test version. so, it seems the iPhone OS chapter slowly reaching to their end version. But what will happen to the Cydia download iOS 11 through a worthy cracking utility? Of course, as like the iDevice fans ready to welcome the admirable features of the upcoming edition the Cydia community too waiting to enjoy their beloved Cydia apps.

Cydia download iOS 11

Ready for Cydia download iOS 11

As I noted above the Keen team got success to blast beta version of the 11th chapter running iPhone 7 and after that, successfully run Cydia on the device. And as seems the existing facts the method is related to semi-untethered. Therefore, the user needs to re-jailbreak the device after each and every reboot of the iDevice. Further, 2when we conclude more on this event still the Keen Team haven’t officially released any fact related to their demo. And we can’t have any possible clue for their readiness for a final version. So, at the moment we can’t hope that Keen team ready to offer a cracking tool for the upcoming massive firmware. So, let we see, it has left more time. So, sometime in future, there will be a cracking tool from any other hacker.

What to do while iOS 11 jailbreak release?

Of course, the next iPhone OS will be released to the public on next September with the iPhone 8.So, it has left more than one month for the final release. So, within the time period, there will be more improvements will be with the massive firmware. And the same time hackers will also concern on the 11th chapter and try to find a way to hack the system. So, till that as a Cydia lover what can you do. Of course, if you are already jailbroken your device with the Yalu 10.2 or Extra_Recipt+YaluX, then you can enjoy the latest admirable upcoming firmware features with your jailbroken iDevice through the Cydia tweaks. Of course, Further, you can feel fresh with your device through the updated Cydia world.

Download latest Cydia apps and tweaks

As I mentioned above now there were more jailbreak apps related to the features of iOS11. Further, there were more other free and paid tweaks available in the Cydia world for you to feel fresh with your jailbroken iDevice. So, here are some of the latest Cydia tweaks for you. so enjoy these apps and tweaks while waiting for Cydia download iOS 11.

AppSwitchCurrent: After installing this free tweak on your jailbroken iDevice when you reach to app  Switcher, it shows the currently open app instead of the recently open app.

Download Cydia iOS 11

ControlCenterXI ($1.50): Within this latest tweak you can enjoy the features of the upcoming 11th firmware Control center features with your jailbroken iDevice. Yes, it has the 3D touch support and all other features as in the 11th chapter.

Download Cydia iOS 11


Dummypass: If you use a passcode for your iDevice to ensure the security of the device, within this tweak you can improve it more. Because the tweak will randomize the passcode buttons each and every time you unlock the device. Download Cydia iOS 11

GIFRoll: This is also, another tweak associate for the upcoming 11 chapter feature. Yes, within this tweak now you can play the animated GIF on your Photo app. Of course, it got the same features of the upcoming 11th chapter.

Download Cydia iOS 11


NotificationTester: After installing the tweak you will allow sending test notification by yourself. Actually, this will helpful for you when you need to see the new look of the notification center after installing new tweaks or Themes.

Download Cydia iOS 11

Wrap up

Finally, keep in mind that Apple Currently focusing on 10.3.3 minor update to the existing 10th firmware. within this the Company ready to more polish up the firmware and provide some performance improvements and features to the users. As accordance with the existing facts, this will be the final version for the 10th chapter. So, we can hope an imminent release. But as a Cydia lover, you need to stay away from it. And enjoy the latest Cydia apps and tweaks while waiting for Cydia download iOS 11. If you need to know more write us. And stay tuned with us to have more details.