Get ready to welcome iOS 13.4

So we are here today for those who are looking for iOS 13.4. Since Apple started the 13th iPhone OS in September last year after proclaim its vast arrangements in June at WWDC, we were excited to get a new jailbreak tool to make sure that users capable to download Cydia on their iOS 13 running iPhone, iPod and iPad. However, it was iOS 13.3 as the final jailbroken version. In recent times, Apple announced 13.3.1 as the next release which will set to the array as a minor update. But what we want to make sure is if there is an update that will replace iOS 13.4? So this is about everything you are excited about.

ios 13.4

Are you ready to download iOS 13.4?

This is for those fellows who are getting ready to welcome 13.4 on their devices. As we all know, Apple will open the door for all those devices that started its journey with 13.0, if there will be such an update. But at this instant, we do not have proper info that confirms the release of such a new version. Thus we want you all to keep in your mind that it is a little far than you think. Do not hurry to welcome such an update right away.

iOS 13.4 for jailbreakers

If you are a jailbreaker, it is better to remember that iOS 13.3 is the final version that became jailbroken. We do not know if all those later versions too will be able to go through Checkra1n that recommended as the jailbreak tool for iOS 13 to iOS 13.3. You cannot that easily decide to upgrade if you still excite having Cydia on your iDevice. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are totally ok for having a device without jailbreak features.

ios 13.4

Wrapping up

Do not anxious if you missed iOS 13.4 since the truth is there is no such an advanced version at the moment. If such an edition will arrange, keep in mind that it will be the fourth major version of the array with advanced features that Apple promised from the very beginning of the chain. Within a few days, 13.3.1 will set to the audience as a minor arrangement with important security updates. Those who do not mind about upgrade to an empty version can continue while the rest of you excited having Cydia on your device better stay far from.