What are the best PS4 jailbreak games?

Having a Play Station during the quarantine period is really great to spend your time. You can play games and enjoy rather than waste a long vacation. On the other hand, playing games is good for your stress as well. But today, we are going to talk about a way that you can gain more games on your PS4 to fly beyond its formal frame. Jailbreak PS4 can help you with many advanced features. There are games that you can collect when you are jailbroken that are interesting and amazing. Let’s see how to and what are the PS4 jailbreak games? Here we go.

ps4 jailbreak games

What are the PS4 jailbreak games?

Games that we usually play using our Play Station are easy to find out and easy to play. In my opinion, there may be various ways to connect games. But, play them using PS is exciting. When it became jailbroken, there are many that you can go through. Games with advanced features are one of them. However, jailbreak Play Station is not widely held. So let’s see how to jailbreak?

How to jailbreak?


  • Arrange the Play Station 4
  • Search the web and find out a compatible custom firmware
  • Compile a USB drive with over 1 GB space
  • A special program to extract such as WinRAR

The procedure

  • Check the running version of your PS4. It should be version 5.05 or previous
  • Download the recommended custom software package from a reliable source
  • Extract the package right away
  • Connect the drive to the computer and copy and paste the file in it
  • Go to the PS4 and turn off it
  • Connect the USB drive in it
  • You have to stay there for a few minutes
  • Now go to Settings > System Update > Update via Storage Media
  • So the installation will start and go through during the next couple of minutes
  • The custom firmware will then perform on your console. It means you have been jailbroken

PS4 jailbreak games

If you are excited about what are the games you can go through, it is up to you to find out those jailbreak supportive games from the web. You have several reliable sources that suggest advanced games. So do not waste your time with formal games. There are many that you arrange on your console once it turns into jailbroken. Boost the performance and play advanced deals there for totally free without waste your money.