Top reasons to jailbreak iOS 11

Since the day Apple announces the 2K17 iPhone operating system to the audience, there is a doubt when will be the jailbreak iOS 11 alive? Though we do not know anything deeper yet, we put on hold for a miracle soon. However, since the eleventh OS apparently an enormous launch, we got a couple of reasons that clue still there is a huge gap between jailbroken and none. If you still wonder why you should? Here is our reason.

jailbreak ios 11

Reasons for jailbreak iOS 11


You might guess that iFile is a feature that Apple already derived from Cydia to the upcoming OS. Though it is a bit true, still they missed wonderful approaches of the absolute tweak that let you access file system devoid of any complicated. Official reports state that the recent Files app is identical to Finder of Mac. However, for it does not let you enter system files, you should catch the specific breakout to grab the whole iFile approach back.

jailbreak ios 11

Deeper security features

Of course, there are considerable security features with the stock Apple system. But, that may not perfectly support you to keep your private folders and files safer. So then, you better have applications such as BioLockdown, Asphelia and so on to high your privacy. Once your iPhone will on wrong hands, it does not matter that these Cydia tweaks will not let anyone check your private things using Passcodes and Touch ID.

jailbreak ios 11

Arrange default apps

Arranging default apps is not that easy or smart with the formal structure. But when you are jailbroken, whatever odd application you desire to switch with any other third party suggestion will become simple. It is really awesome when you catch particular apps that trip the default and launch your favorite there. BrowserChooser is a decent example which you can install to switch the Safari with Google or whatever you love. And also, MapsOpener is the next that you can use to drop away Apple Maps to set there some other.

Thus, if there is any official suggest that you do not like to see any longer, this would be a great chance to set the application you wish to see.

jailbreak ios 11

System font customizations

This is one of the interested features of users though it appears not a huge deal. In simple, this is for those who want to grasp fonts of their iDevice in another way. This is something tough when you are just a non-jailbreak user. But when you are jailbroken, BytaFont 2 will set you free to modify Lock screen apps or whichever font.

jailbreak ios 11


Some of the jailbreakers love to enjoy with hot themes that are not tiresome and that will bring you there Android features for iPhone and Mac for iPad. Winterboard is the highest tweak that many suggestions for themes. Furthermore, once you collect jailbroken features, you can even arrange similar apps in a single folder with 5 icons. Besides, modify the stock keyboard with new rows of options. And also, you can remove icons that you do not like to see any longer with any other preferred image.

jailbreak ios 11


We got such a wonderful application thanks to developer Ryan Petrich. In fact, this is a supporter for a couple of essential features that you can arrange on your own. This might be arranging a click, click and hold, gesture or any other that let you open apps or folders or else whichever movement.

jailbreak ios 11

Get ready for jailbreak iOS 11

By the way, there might many other varies purposes that you wished but not there with approaching 11th OS. For surely, Cydia download will let you resolve your trouble even if you would like to capture iPhone X features on your older iDevices either. But at the moment, we cannot assure you when hackers planned to launch a utility for. Thus, we responsibly tell you not to close the version once it will drop to the audience until they confirm.