Unc0ver jailbreak update for iOS 12.4

Thanks to dedicated hackers of the jailbreak community, we could arrive at iOS 12.4 a couple of days back. And now, those fellows with iPhone, iPod or iPad running 12.4 capable to go through Unc0ver jailbreak latest version 3.5.0 and turn everything into broken. There were Pwn20wnd, @HiMyNameIsUbik, @iOS_App_Dev and @sbinger as developers of this vast utility for jailbreakers. Apart from this, you have Chimera jailbreak as well that you can go through with recent updates. Anyhow, Unc0ver compatible with devices based on A7 to A11 technically. Just be sure that you were there looking for the approaching jailbreak tool. So it is your time to turn a new page.

unc0ver jailbreak

Unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 12.4 running iPhone or iPad

It is great as the latest arrangement of Pwn20wnd capable to support us behind iOS 12.4. It was one of the versions of non-jailbreak versions list and recently became jailbroken. If you are with a compatible device and that running 12.4, you can download the latest version of Unc0ver and simply jailbreak the device.

However, this should especially note as a compatible tool for 12.4 while still, 12.3 remain as a non-jailbreak chapter. If your device running 12.3, you should decide whether you are ok to escape or it does not matter you do not become jailbroken. If you decided to capture Unc0ver, you can upgrade to 12.4 and get ready to break the wall.

Unc0ver jailbreak for Cydia download

Of course, unc0ver capable to support you behind Cydia download. It is like you got a key to open the doorway. If you worry about having Sileo app, you can request it through the Cydia package that will install on your device. And those repositories and everything you wish through capable to gain simply using the package you will enter.

unc0ver jailbreak

Final words

Are you ready to jailbreak iOS 12.4? Then you better search and go through a complete guide first. Use the latest version 3.5.0 of Unc0ver to simply switch non-jailbreak status into jailbroken status. Cydia will be on your device during the procedure. But you better make sure that you are not with iOS 12.3. If it is you will have to skip to 12.4 and become a compatible user first. The same thing should apply even when you are with iOS 13 beta. You should downgrade right away before apple announce that 12.4 is no longer possible to sign in.