How to install IPA on iPhone without Jailbreak?

iOS jailbreak is one thing that makes your device capable of many more things. But do you know there are also some interesting things to do even without jailbreak? Yes, you can. So here you are about How to install IPA on iPhone without jailbreak through the best tool Cydia impactor.

how to install ipa on iphone without jailbreak

Adding to your knowledge, we like to tell that there are three safe methods that work on installing IPA files on iOS without jailbreak. In fact, they are as through online IPA installer, directly IPA installing on iPhone without the computer and through Cydia impactor. So here in this article, I would like to make you aware of the third method. This is what I find easiest and really smart. So go on reading!

How to install IPA on iPhone without Jailbreak?

Cydia impactor is a tool by Jay Freeman who has developed Cydia for all jailbreak fans. The tool comes as a desktop application supporting all major operating systems Windows, Mac, and Linux. So you can get ready with one and make the IPA installations successful. Cydia impactor is the best method one can use to install IPA files on iPhone. Then why still stuck with stock apps and restrictions? Take your favorite IPA files and enjoy the device to the best.

  • Step 1: Download Cydia impactor tool for free on Windows (Mac/Linux)
  • Step 2: Get the IPA file on the PC
  • Step 3: Now connect your iPhone to the PC using a proper USB cable
  • Step 4: Launch Cydia Impactor and wait for the device to get connected
  • Step 5: Now drag the IPA file to the Cydia impactor and drop on the interface
  • Step 6: When required, enter Apple ID and the password

With these easy steps, you can install IPA files on your device. But you here need the connection over PC. And make sure you choose the right IPA when proceeding with downloads as sometimes; some harmful content may get on your device. So all the safety is at your own hand.

Cydia impactor is the easiest way you can install IPA files on your iPhone without jailbreak. So I hope you are clear about how Cydia impactor works. And here in downloading, make sure you pick the latest Cydia impactor tool download to experience faster and more efficient downloads. So enjoy the best app downloads through Cydia impactor even without jailbreak iOS.