How to jailbreak Roku by mirroring to Kodi

Are you owning Roku and looking for a change? What do you guys know about its jailbreak possibilities? If your question is on, how to jailbreak Roku, here I am guiding through the complete note here which is by mirroring to Kodi. For those wonders why that is because roku cannot be jailbroken!

As stated. It is impossible to jailbreak Roku. But you can try something different. The only method to enjoy third-party apps on Roku is to make it connected through Kodi. So this is about how it is made successfully. If you are interested in, go on with the guide here.

how to jailbreak roku

How to jailbreak Roku by mirroring to Kodi?

The process takes some minutes and needs good attention throughout. So take a look here and enjoy third-party apps on Roku.

  • At the start, enable screen mirroring on the device Roku
  • Continue on the home button and then to the main menu
  • Go to settings and the continue to the System
  • Now pick screen mirroring from the options given
  • Go to Allow / Prompt / Always Allow
  • Bring up the connection to the Android and Roku device from the same network connection
  • Then download Kodi App from a reliable source
  • Make sure you grant permissions to the Kodi app from the device giving it all rights to manage through media of the device
  • Wait for the installation to get over
  • Then go to settings and pick the device and get on the display
  • When you have picked the display scroll down and choose cast to see the supported Roku options as devices
  • You here have successfully mirrored the screen
  • So it is ready to launch Kodi on android and get on streaming your favorite movies and TV shows

Why you cannot Jailbreak Roku?

Jailbreaking is related to an operating system. You might have already heard that iOS jailbreak, Apple TV OS jailbreak, Android and etc. But here Roku OS is different. It already uses maximum scopes of the device already. So even without jailbreak, Roku OS gives some extended support to the users. But if you still looking for a change, you can bring up the connection with Kodi and try more things easier. This will allow more apps and downloads to operate on Roku leaving you with even more benefits. So why not giving it a try? I hope this finds well on you.