PS3 Jailbreak Download- About Jailbreak 4.82

We are here writing to you on PS3 jailbreak Download 4.82 with a tested procedure. So you can try jailbreak without risking to bricking. The process here requires a jailbroken console. So here I am bringing you the complete jailbreak guide to PS3 4.82 firmware. Make sure you go through the complete guide.

ps3 jailbreak download

PS3 Jailbreak 4.82 Features

  • 100% Legal jailbreak with easy installation guidelines
  • Compatible with PKG files
  • Confirms free of prevision bugs/issues
  • Comes with the multi-man backup manager
  • Support for faster download and installation with improved performance
  • Work by the optical drive and require an easy plug and install
  • With many models, it fixes around 72% of errors
  • After jailbreak, it supports to PSN

Supports all the models including the latest super slim. So there is no any trouble with compatibility. And you can play multiplayer games here once PS3 jailbreak is successfully over. Also, you can access the backup games. And here it does not require launching the console and make any advanced changes.

How to complete PS3 Jailbreak Download?

Get ready with,

  • Windows PC or Laptop
  • PS3 Firmware
  • A Pen Drive
  • WinRAR unzipper

To run PS3 Jailbreak in the right order, you need to follow the instructions in order.

  • Step 1: Download PS3 Jailbreak 4.82 file
  • Step 2: Use an unzipper (WinRar recommended) and extract the jailbreak file
  • Step 3: Plug your USB stick into your computer
  • Step 4: Get ready with the right USB stick that supports FAT32. Make sure it takes minimum space of 1GB
  • Step 5: Make a root folder inside the USB stick PS3>Update
  • Step 6: Make sure you rename the jailbreak file as “PS3UPDAT.PUP”
  • Step 7: Put the jailbreak file in the UPDATE folder
  • Step 8: Now plug the USB stick into the Play Station 3 console
  • Step 9: Continue to the navigation menu and click the system update
  • Step 10: Select update through the mass storage
  • Step 11: The update data should found as 4.82.3 REBUG RE
  • Step 12: Now press the button X to finalize
  • Step 13: You should here agree with the terms & conditions and wait for the installation

We hope you had complete knowledge on how to run jailbreak on the PS3 device. So follow the right instructions and leave no space for mistakes. If you find any errors or trouble when proceeding, write to us.