Apple blocks download iOS 13.5

It is an important but a gloomy detail too. Apple finally decided to close the gate of iOS 13.5. As we all know, it is the highest jailbroken version so far that jailbreakers smile on. Thus, both iOS and iPadOS 13.5 can no longer collect by upgrade or downgrade. Reports say that it is a result of a shift on the Cupertino-based company’s behalf that fundamentally prevents iDevices from collecting certain software. So this is about the effect and what you should do as a jailbreaker behind download iOS 13.5 in such a situation. Here we go.

download ios 13.5

Avoid download iOS 13.5

You may confuse why we say to stand away from download iOS 13.5. Of course, it is a version that you cannot keep far because of its jailbreak possibility. But now, there is nothing we can do even you need to upgrade or downgrade your device to iOS 13.5 for Apple already stopped sign in. However, this happened after a week from the major release of iOS 13.5.1. As we all know, 13.5.1 is a remarkable offer of Apple and that offered to fix the 0-day kernel vulnerability perfectly. It was used by Unc0ver jailbreak team Pwn20wnd which supported up to iOS 13.5. Therefore, Unc0ver users have to stop their dream for a while until the developer confirmed with an update that later versions too can jailbreak using a new update. But it is just a normal happening for we know that Apple arranges their new releases to patch security holes.

If we turn to iOS 13.5, it is no longer capable to bring on devices even as a downgrade.

Download iOS 13.5 for iPhone

Both iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 are remarkable because it is the current highest jailbreak level. Unfortunately, those were delay to upgrade from previous sessions and downgrade from later ones cannot collect the version ever on their devices.

If we go a bit far, although it is about Unc0ver that we have to pause, there is another tool called Checkra1n that we can never fail to remember. Because of the used exploit of the tool, we can hopefully stay there at least to go through iPhone 5s to iPhone X even upgrade to higher versions.

Final words

In such a situation, stay with jailbroken versions is better and smart than upgrade to those new chapters and getting stuck. Within a few further days, Apple will offer the next version too and it is up to you to decide should you upgrade or not.