Are you ready to download iOS 14 with all-new features?

As we all know, it is iOS 14 as the next generational iPhone operating system of Apple and that will launch to the audience on the coming September. As expected, this will be able to use on almost all iOS 13 devices. All-new features for Messages, Fitness app, PencilKit updates, AR app and enhancements to the OS are the specifically clarified features that we captured. So it is really interesting at least to know what are the things that Apple designed to offer at this time. So we are going to share all download iOS 14 features that we found from reliable sources to be prepared to welcome as soon as possible. Here we go.

download ios 14

What is new with download iOS 14?

We know that we have to stay tuned for the Online-only World Wide Developers Conference at this time because of the unexpected pandemic situation. However, it is time to prepare for the approaching iOS 14.0. At this time, the newest OS chapter will focus on bug fixes than ever. And also, changes for usability and stability as well will specifically arrange. But as we have leaks that describe the approaching OS, no need to stay anxiously till Apple will proclaim the update. Here we go.

Features of iOS 14

  • Fewer bugs and stable performance

As experts said, iOS 13 was a buggy chapter that even received several additional updated to fix them. But, as we are getting ready to welcome the 14th version, it will become a better version to go through and a good deal for those who are anxious about security.

  • Fitness App

This would be a great offer at this time for health became one of the most highlighted topics during the last couple of months. This will be able to use on your iPhone and Apple Watch during your workout.

  • Widgets for Home Screen

A leaked report confirms that Apple is working on Home Screen Widgets and that specifically introduce as Avacado.

  • Apps without download theme

We know that Google has Instant Apps on Play store for users to bring features of those apps without downloading them. At this time, we will be able to collect such a similar feature on iOS as well.

  • Improved Find My App

The Find My App became a new version when we turn to iOS 13. And this time, when we are with the 14th OS. When someone will not be able to reach the destination as planned, the app will automatically let you know.