The truth about Cydia for iOS 14

It is time to spread stories about Cydia for iOS 14. From the end of last June, it is iOS and iPadOS 14 as one of the most highlighted topics in sources. All devices that were with iOS and iPadOS 13 have been added to the compatible device list of the 14th as well. Its code name is Azul and that planned to release around coming October. Surrounding official details about features, performances and even newly added security keys; many reports narrated about jailbreak the new chapter. Thanks to Checkra1n as a keen developer in the jailbreak community, we got an interesting topic for jailbreakers as well.

cydia for ios 14

Can I download Cydia for iOS 14?

All jailbreak users are excited to know if they can upgrade to iOS 14 and even jailbreak it for Cydia. Just behind a few days from the initial proclamation of Apple about the developer beta, team Checkra1n confirmed that they still can get in the new security frame as well with the already known exploit call Checkm8. At this instant, there is no public tool that we can use to bring Cydia on any device running iOS or iPadOS 14 beta. But it seems, Checkra1n will be able to support us even with the major iOS 14 as well when it will be there in the public.

Checkra1n for iOS 14

At this moment, Checkra1n is the only jailbreak that we can hopefully remain for iOS 14. But there is a barrier as well for those who are with devices that cannot categorize to A5 to A8. For that, iPhone X is the highest iDevice that we can clearly note.

As a jailbreaker, you should know the golden rule of jailbreakers. Although there are new iOS chapters that eager us to upgrade, we cannot that easily decide to upgrade or stay with the same version. But we have to patiently stay with whatever jailbroken version that we are with until jailbreakers confirm that we can open the gate and bring Cydia to the new chapter as well. At this instant, there is no single detail about iOS 14 jailbreak. So it is up to you to confirm if you stay at the same or welcome the next.

Wrapping up

We are at the end of this narration and hope you got to know the truth about Cydia for iOS 14. There is no doubt of the possibility of Checkra1n. But it is good to stay until the end of the story.