Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 in the form of JailbreakMe 5.0

It was Niklas Baumsark with the update of a newly release exploit which capable to creatively develop a breakout. So he arranged a twitter post about the update that developers can navigate through a Safari-based jailbreak iOS 11.3.1. Therefore, as usual, this will suggest as JailbreakMe 5.0. With recent proclamation, he said that it was regarding a bug that unveiled by i41nbeer throughout Safari RCE. However, there is no doubt that a jailbreaker will surely concern this in order to create a web-based application to make you all easier. Apart from that, we have Electra update as well for the same session remarking that 11.3.1 is going to become a turning point for hackers after a long.

ios 11.3.1 jailbreak

Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 as JailbreakMe 5.0

As I simply noted above, Niklas is not going to be our next jailbreaker as it was just about an announcement encouraging to develop JailbreakMe 5.0 using an exploit that released by i41nbeer. Behind whatever suggestion, JailbreakMe is the easiest and the most interested application ever that launched by the community. With a click on the Safari, users can launch the specific app and command to jailbreak. So if the developer directly arranges Cydia, the iDevice will end up with all jailbroken features. If not, you can end with jailbroken status and then try to reach Cydia using further steps.

We predict that this might be in its testing season and will give us a proper clue in future. So we have to sit tight and look forward to a hacker to be responsible for a new suggestion.

Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 by CoolStar

We have been discussed about this topic since far. You can refer to those posts as this is just a brief note regarding. Anyhow, CoolStar is the only jailbreaker who stands to offer a public utility for 11.3.1. Though there is a clue regarding the JailbrekMe method, we cannot just ignore their dedication. As they confirmed that their utility perfectly works on iDevices based on 11.3.1, experts say there are only a few more days for the grand unveiling. So we always remind you to keep your eyes there.

By the way, there is no doubt of the simple app based utility will highlight than the often PC based tool of Electra.

ios 11.3.1 jailbreak


By the way, though it will take more than few days, we can hopefully remain for a jailbreaker to offer us a utility based on Safari. Though it was just an announcement, keep watching for their next effort. Once we will go through 11.3.1, we have to navigate to 11.4 and so on as well. While we always highlight 11.3.1, we do not have any idea whether 11.3 unto 11.2 as well will capable to break through the approaching Electra. With their swift proclamation, we will capable to find out the proper navigation and confirm how things will move on behind 11.4 and the rest.

However, stay tuned for we will let you know if something considerable will be there as soon as possible.

iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak will release soon

Here we are again with an interesting report to discuss the breakout we are going to welcome with few more days. So this would be great if you anxiously remained for iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak. For that, you should not upgrade to 11.4 and surround a couple of requirements. Unfortunately, some of the users seem to escape from 11.3.1 and will not be able to count the approaching utility. However, thanks to CoolStar, we are in front of another remarkable release of jailbreakers. Here is everything.


iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak has been developed

As we confirmed, jailbreakers have been developed the breakout of 11.3.1. And it seems the utility can set up Cydia as well in a perfect approach. Its capability has no any doubt for we received a couple of photos of a jailbroken iDevice. We cannot forget the dedicated jailbreaker who supports us thus far to hold on for a new release while everything appears to complex and heavy. As it was well-known Electra tool from CoolStar, there is much to concern.

When will iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak release?

So we concerned when we will be able to jailbreak using the newest Electra tool. Since there is no such a clear detail thus far, we will have to hang tight for few further days for a reliable notice.

Anyhow, we remembered the days that CoolStar notified that they are working with the tfp0 exploit from the very beginning. But it was an exploit that only supports to crack 11.2.6 un to 11.2. Therefore, we could not wish a utility throughout for 11.3.1. But now, with their endured developments thus far, the creation perfectly reaches the frame of 11.3.1 too as the highest approach.

Will the next tool support iOS 11.4?

There is no doubt that the current utility cannot support 11.4. Since the developer confirmed that the highest would be 11.3.1, there is no doubt to hang on 11.4 for any reason. This is the reason that experts advise you all not to collect Appleā€™s latest 11.4 or else the approaching 11.4.1 either. So do not go after fake directions that lead you to upgrade and get ready to become jailbroken using the upcoming Electra tool. Technically, we have to note that 11.4 patched the security hole that supported us in 11.3.1.

ios 11.3.1 jailbreak

Final words

It is really great as we finally arrived at a new Cydia support for 11.3.1. And also we have to keep a note about keen CoolStar as well before end our narration. They became the brave jailbreaker of the year without any doubt as they could successfully bring each edition of the iOS array up to 11.3.1. While Jay Freeman did not update their Cydia package once Yalu breakout paused from the 10th OS. Moreover, Electra was the winner of the battle between LiberiOS and those for Jonathan Levin just released a utility that cannot let users to directly grab Cydia apps, tweaks and so on. But now, things have been gone far, and we are with another update to crack 11.3.1 within few more days. Are you ready?

Get ready to welcome Cydia iOS 11.4

It was a couple of hours ago that Apple decided to stop sign in 11.3.1. So from now, those individuals with 11.4 will not be able to return to 11.3.1 at any condition. So this will be a serious flaw though we hope for Cydia iOS 11.4 because of a couple of reasons. In that case, we have to concern important surroundings of the current situation. Our narration will let you realize everything clearly. Check whether you are eligible to welcome the next jailbreak.

cydia ios 11.4

Cydia iOS 11.4 as the next jailbreak?

If the next jailbreak will cover 11.4, it will be great and amazing to break all barriers and enter the latest iOS version. So will it be? We searched a couple of consistent posts and updates. But there is no that much interesting detail regarding. Though we get to know the next jailbreaker will CoolStar, none of those reports unveil will they capable to support 11.4 as well. All previous from 11.3.1 seems to lucky enough with security keys as their Electra update going to cover them all.

However, same as 11.4, we will have to remain for 11.4.1 as well. Either 11.4 has Houdini demonstration of a semi-jailbreak, it is hard to expect at least such evidence from 11.4.1. With all these, keep in your mind that this is not about the latest Houdini update since the latest is a public arrangement for 11.3.1.

Cydia iOS 11.4 with a new hope

We have to be prepared for the breakout for 11.4 with a new hope. Though there is a rumor that notifies we may receive the tool with the same jailbreaker as Electra, we cannot confirm it. Howe ever, there is a doubt will hackers ignore 11.4 and above like they escaped from a few versions of iOS 10.0 as well.

Since there is no any true detail, we will have to stay there patiently. Though 11.4.1 will become a public edition, you must not reach it for any reason for your own betterment.

cydia ios 11.4

Should I downgrade?

Of course, you must downgrade your iDevice to 11.3.1 if it is on 11.4. But it is pity to let you know that the sign in possibility has been stopped. So you are too late for any movement. If you already downgraded, it is really great to encounter Electra update on time.

Final words

Finally, Apple forced users those who are trying to reach 11.3.1 by stop sign in the edition. Thanks to CoolStar, the utility will be there with proper uses before long. There are a couple of posts of Electra tool release that described their effort. As we guess, it may be within a few days from here. As we have to concern iOS 12.0 too, none of most recent jailbreak reports will not take that long at all. Since all you can do is wait there till a proper detail as you even could not downgrade and stay with 11.3.1, keep in your mind to follow details that are reliable. If not, you may apply wrong customs.