The best Cydia tweaks iOS 11

Here is the list we collected on your way to having a couple of amazing Cydia tweaks before saying goodbye to the 11th iPhone operating system. Therefore, you are with a jailbroken device running versions below 11.4, our collection of Cydia tweaks iOS 11 would be attention-grabbing and supportive. So here we go through. You will probably encounter at least a single app among those that you remained since far.

cydia tweaks ios 11

Best Cydia tweaks iOS 11

  • YouRespring

Once an iDevice will respring, according to the formal manner, the display turns in to black and white. But when you come to this, you can customize the entire using GIF images that it contains.

  • VoiceChanger X

This is the tweak that can let you answer any phone call using Chipmunks or else Darth Vader sounds rather than often odd.

  • VideoHUD

This can let you enhance your stock volume HUD, unlike frequent functionalities that you currently hold. And even it is the system-wide support that enhances everything.

  • TapVideoConfig

Simply modify the video recording quality of your beloved device using the free TapVideoConfig.

  • SwipeUptoKillX

To remove certain apps from the interface, you should hold them for minutes on App switcher. Since it is a huge trouble, use this to swiftly to remove them by just use seconds to do so.

  • SpotCleanerOnClose

Remove all search queries using SpotCleanerOnClose whenever you close the UI. So you will not in a trouble of reminding your most recent search results.

  • Snowboard

Since the famed Winterboard has no recent updates, we can navigate to Snowboard if we would love to perform with complete theme replacements.

  • ShortLock

ShortLook comes with a fresh notification experience in a unique manner.

  • SafariUnleashed PRO

You can have several further modifications to your Safari browser.

  • RealCC

We cannot completely turn off wireless radio in the Control panel toggle keys that we use for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Since they just limit their activity and let us move forward, it is important to install RealCC.

  • Priority

Those notifications that you need to prioritize can arrange simply using this tweak in order to arrange them orderly.

  • PremiumPlay

Users stand with ATV know how incredible when you have AirPlay there for you. Unfortunately, some of those applications prohibited you from using AirPlay. But with PremiumPlay, you can start play without any trouble.

  • Callbar X

Simply get a bar from a caller on your screen rather than let it spread it everywhere even to bother your current work. So this is the certain dealer that opens a call bar in the top of the device to reject or answer the call right away.

cydia tweaks ios 11

Cydia tweaks iOS 11 on iOS 12

As we started the journey of the 12th iPhone OS a couple of days ago, it would be great to know whether hackers agreed to launch a public jailbreak tool for those users to enjoy with. But even now, there is no any clue with the exception of those evidences hackers done since a couple of days. So even they showcased us the possibility, it is not the certain point that we desire to go.

Will team Pangu release iOS 12 jailbreak?

After a couple of weeks from the official proclamation of Apple 12th generation iPhone operating system, team Pangu did a great reveal regarding iOS 12 jailbreak possibilities. And this has been clarified by the well-known security researcher Min Zheng with proper evidences. The best thing is they have been used an iPhone Xs which is Apple’s hottest iDevice formations. Therefore, it seems the journey is faster than we predicted and will shortly arrive at a destination as well. However, the sound is good as Pangu seems to back with their work. Here is the complete story that you should not fail to spot.

jailbreak ios 12

iOS 12 jailbreak demonstration on an iPhone Xs

After Electra tool releases by Coolstar, we have to stay long to catch a reliable update. After Ali Security proved an untethered breakout on an iPhone X, the update of Pangu became the most talkative topic. Although it is uncertain will they support us through a public utility, there is nothing we can do except look forward.

9.3.3 was the final chapter that team Pangu stand to break completely. After their deep researchers, it seemed they are going to forsake the community for some shady reasons that did not clearly unveiled. However, the recent utility has been created in against at the all-new A12 Bionic hardware part. Because of that, their demo became an outstanding topic that arranged behind a new security barrier.

Will Pangu release the next iOS 12 jailbreak?

Our next question is will they deal with a public development? But it is difficult to hope that they will effort for such a framed project while they have further research to dive deeper. And even for the update was not a direct proclamation of Pangu, that was a tweet of Min Zheng as he needs to let everyone know the capability of Cydia download for the 12th OS.

Upgrade to iOS 12

We remind you that upgrade to the 12th iOS chapter is not good since we do not know any certain release date either. And even as it might take few further weeks, it is better to hang tight the same jailbroken edition. If you really excited about its all-new features, check out updates Cydia tweaks as there are several that we can apply similar features of iOS 12.0 without upgrade to.

jailbreak ios 12

Wrapping up

It is really great as we could confirm that iOS 12 became jailbroken though we yet to collect it as a public utility. And even it was iPhone Xs as well while Ali Security already proved the proficiency of iPhone X a few days ago. So then, the thing that we took from all these is that we will be able to capture the utility shortly. But it will take few weeks and not further than next January. But it is really glad to remind you that even the security as well is a strong frame though keen hackers could perfectly enter. However, keep in your mind that the utility will not be able to collect right away since there are just evidences.

iOS 12 Release, Features and Jailbreak Facts

At the past Worldwide Developer Conference 2018, Apple unveiled the latest iOS 12 to the public as the successor to iOS 11. The new firmware will sign on all 64-bit iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices promising a bunch of interesting features and functions. Looking forward to a new generation of mobile operating system trend, we here going to round up facts of iOS 12 Release, features, jailbreak and more. If you are in a plan of experiencing a brand new mobile operating system support on your 64-bit iDevice, it is the right time to search for all the relevant.

iOS 12 Release date

iOS 11.4.1 is the firmware now signs latest on all the 64-bit iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices which comes to a minor scale update addressing various essential fixes and improvements. And with the start of iOS 12 beta testing, it seems a majority of users are eager on getting a change in the way they feel the iOS in hand. Fortunately, iOS 12 will fit for the requirement here from which hundreds of additions have given together with many quality lifts and improvements overall.

iOS 12 Release Date Confirmations

Apple started testing iOS 12 on the very first day it came into the eyes of the user through WWDC 2018. What started from there was only for the developers just as Apple always used to do. And by now developers registered for the official beta testing has 12 testing versions while public testers have same rights taking even some longer.

Just as always, Apple follows the regular release cycle when coming to their major software upgrades. Then, iOS 12 is to be released in this fall just as all the previous major firmware versions. To know the exact date of iOS 12 Release, you will have to wait until this 12th on when Apple has confirmed the next special event. In this iPhone centric event, Apple will announce the exact date of the iOS 12 release which would probably be around September 18th or 19th.

What would be the best iOS 12 Features?

iOS 12 is the major plan by Apple this year in order to power up your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in a delightful way. It promises more responsive features, many quality improvements together with hundreds of additions. Then let us now see how things go in brief staying just a few hours away from the official wrap off of iOS 12.

  • Performance lifts

Apple here makes iOS experience more responsive and faster especially in targeting older devices. It makes the word as up to 40% faster app launch here in iOS 12 which is 2x faster than the time before. With no change, it will bring up to 70% faster swipe to the camera, 50% faster keyboard view, 2x faster share sheet and more. Also, it will make your animations smoother.

  • FaceTime Updates

Group FaceTime is one of the most interesting updates coming with iOS 12 from which you can take up to 32 people for a call at once. And with the encrypted end to end for group calls and other. So your conversations will remain secured and will be only allowed for viewing by the respective participants.

iOS 12 features

  • New Animoji as Memoji

Get Memoji to fit your personality and mood in an exact way. And there are more new Animoji to get more fun as T. rex, koala, tiger and ghost. Also, you are allowed more filters here transform the look into better moods. At the same time, you can record clips taking up to 30 seconds and play longer Animoji. With it, you can set app on and off times individually.

  • Screen Time

This is a very useful feature coming in the new software update to calculate how much time you are spending on apps and websites and to know exactly what they are. Especially this is a useful feature for parental control to keep the eye on what your kids are looking at.

  • Updates to Notifications

Grouped Notifications is a useful feature comes in the latest iOS 12 where you will find message threads are grouped with the notification topics making easier to notice just with a glance at the screen. And you can also get a specific option to get the notifications delivered silently if you feel like getting disturbed by the sounds. Additionally, with the opt-in alert, you can set your important information to be received even when in the times you have turned on Do Not Disturb. Also with Siri notification suggestions, it will line up your notifications depending on your level of interactions.

  • Augmented Reality Experience in a better state

AR experience in iOS 12 is far better than the previous level from which multiuser experience, better 3D object detection, the reflection of scenes, face tracking, USDZ file format for creating quality content and animations and more.

  • Camera Updates

Portrait Lighting is another interesting feature comes in a considerably updated frame. Here in iOS 12, Portrait mode photos are extremely better. In fact, it now uses a mask when it recognizes a person and will smartly separate the person from the background. There is a new technique as Portrait Segmentation API that makes the job easier. And also, you will find better QR code scanning by highlighting the codes.

iOS 12 release date

  • Updates to Apps

In the new software update, you will be able to find Apple Books in a redesigned frame making you easier to discover, read, or listen to what you like the most. And thanks to more flexible contents, you can arrange the library easier than before. Another redesigned app in iOS 12 is Voice Memos which is now available in iPad. So it is easier to handle all your reminders, memos, edits notes and etc. Just like the others app improvements, Stocks app is also found redesigned to stay more informed about the current market. Stocks updated app is now working on both iPhone and iPad to get everything so clearly.

iOS 12 Jailbreak Revealed

Just as much as you love iOS 12 for what it takes, you will feel satisfied with its state of jailbreak and Cydia. In fact, iOS 12 jailbreak has already demonstrated with all experimenting on its early betas. The first demonstration has come from the reputed team KeenLab showing jailbreak iOS 12 possibilities through a video. And then, it has once more proven by the developing team 360 Vulcan again through a video demo. These result in Cydia Download leaving the user in a new hope.

When things were to the exact point through video demonstrations, we find more updates supporting jailbreak and Cydia iOS 12 possibilities. Thanks to the Mumbai developer, iOS 12 early betas have the 0-day exploits which could later direct to possible jailbreak updates. But still, we cannot have any predictions on possible updates as all these have done on the very first betas of the latest operating system update iOS 12 from which we could expect a considerable change when the update is officially out.

cydia download ios 11.3.1

At a glance, iOS 12 is the next-generation mobile operating system update that bundles all of the quality improvements and performance lifts you ever wanted from the times previous. And there are many additional features coming with the upgrade to make your iOS experience even more exciting. Then keep looking for the September 12th event and grab all reliable information about when to hands on the latest iOS 12 Release and how it will make you excited about features and jailbreak possibilities.