Semi-restore lite with Electra jailbreak

Those who were bravely became jailbroken through Electra received great news regarding a special utility called semi-restore lite. Throughout, users capable to bring back their system into non-jailbroken by removing all tweaks and relatives. However, this would be interesting if you are a fan of Electra jailbreak. Thankfully, we could reach Cydia while the first LiberiOS either could not offer users such professional functionalities thus far. And even for Saurik yet to make compatible the eraser to step forward for an absolute restore, this option would be great for anyone can switch between broken and non-broken status whenever they desire. But there are a couple of points to clarify. Here is everything.

electra jailbreak

Semi-restore Lite for Electra jailbreak

When the utility Electra became a fully functional breakout, there should be several uses such as restore option and so on an addition to Cydia download functionalities. Therefore, Semi-restore is a wonderful feature that let you undo changes that you have done. But, since the recent implement seems to be a Lite function, it means you will not capable to arrange a complete restore since the feature has been updated with minimum uses.

However, if you have been worked with CoolStar on your iOS 11.0 – iOS 11.1.2 iDevice, you are capable to use this exclusive.


  1. Firstly, there you have to SSH into your iDevice using a proper computer
  2. When the procedure will start, you have to enter the command Bash SemiRestore11-Lite as you have to execute the program

If you are jailbroken and want to escape, go through the semirestore app. But this will not capable with LiberiOS though it brings you same capabilities.

electra jailbreak

Further to reach semi-restore lite via Electra jailbreak

Though the utility being Lite, seems it will expand its possibilities as well. Some of you may do not know that Electra develops an APFS Snapshot once you become broken through. Thus, it is the key that lets you use Semi-restore to revert you to the absolute stock state. As experts clarified, this would be handy for those who want to sell their iPhone or iPad while they have been broken. Or else when there is a special reason to bring back everything to stock position. If it seems difficult to handle the best thing would escape from, using Semi-restore Lite. If you feel you are in a risky station, the same option will left while there is nothing can do.

Final words

If you are a dedicated user of Electra, having this as the latest update would make you great and impressive. But, it would be good to be used with minimum knowledge regarding since unless you will have to re-jailbreak or else face some issues as well. By the way, seems CoolStar will arrange a couple of further updates as well till the utility become perfect. When there will be the actual Cydia app arrangement of Jay Freeman, we will be able to capture some further points. And it is doubt when it will be there, what will happen to CoolStar’s third-party application seed.

Cydia iOS 11.1.2 is Possible with Electra Jailbreak

Still, the tech giant seems to be that really busy with the eleventh firmware playing the cat and mouse game with iOS security researchers. Currently; the version 11.3 chapter is in beta testing phase. This is the upcoming minor OS chapter which is going to come to your hand in few days. We are really happy to inform, you all that Cydia iOS 11.1.2 is going to be a reality with the release of the jailbreak utility, Electra jailbreak. Through this narration, we are going to reveal more and more facts regarding this latest cracking tool.

Cydia iOS 11.1.2

What’s more about Cydia iOS 11.1.2?

When considering the Cydia iOS 11.1.2, it can be known as an App Store which is full of mind-blowing applications, tweaks, mods, games etc. During last period of time, Cydia lovers were really upset due to the unavailability of a jailbreaking app in order to penetrate through the rigid security barriers of the eleventh firmware. Now; there is nothing to worry because CoolStar has made the change in the community with the aid of few other developers. Out special thanks should go to Ian Beer as he is the one who discovered the exploit for this tool. A group of developers worked hard to make the Cydia dream comes true such as “xerub”, “Siguza”,  “theninjaprawn”, and “stek29”.

Complete step-wise guide to get Cydia iOS 11.1.2 with Electra Jailbreak

Here, we would like to present you the most effective instruction manual in the community for dealing with this new jailbreak tool.

  • First of all; you have to download the latest version of Electra through the official website.
  • Launch the Cydia Impactor on the PC.
  • Build the connection between the PC and the iDevice.

Wait for a moment until the iDevice gets appeared on the user interface of the Cydia Impactor.

  • Electra.ipa should be dragged on to the Impactor.
  • When prompted, make sure to enter the Apple  ID and the password.

Wait until the Electra application becomes sideloaded to the mobile.

  • “Settings” application should be opened.
  • Navigate along the following pathway.
  • General>>> Profiles & Device Management
  • Choose the previously entered Apple ID.
  • Now; trust the application.
  • Make sure to enable the toggle, “Tweaks”.
  • Launch the app on the Home Screen.
  • Make a tap on the “Jailbreak”.

Wait for a couple of minutes as the jailbreaking is in progress. This app will automatically install Cydia  if you have never undergone jailbreaking before.

  • Then; launch Cydia.
  • It is necessary to check out the default repositories. These repositories are new. Avoid removing them.

Cydia iOS 11.1.2

Highlights of Electra tool…

When considering about this recently released jailbreak app, it is categorised as under semi- untethered jailbreak app. This tool is based on the exploit, “async_awake”. This exploit was also the base for the recently released LiberiOS cracking tool. The famous character in the field of security researching, who is world- renowned as Ian Beer found this exploit.

If you are really interested in knowing the mechanism of its functionality, here we would like to state about it a bit. Even though this is a semi- un-tethered tool, it is really same in function to an un-tethered utility. With the aid of this wrecking tool, iDevice gets the potential of rebooting automatically. Moreover; there is no any kind of modification occurred in the startup sequence of the mobile in boot episode.

The Bottom Line

Even though you all are really passionate to jailbreak with this new app, there are a few of the things that you should keep in your mind thoroughly. We all know that this is a long-awaited moment.For the sake of the developer, CoolStar now we can jailbreak iOS 11 to  11.1.2. But, before going ahead with this app, it is wiser to check out the compatibility issues first. Even though you guys are impatient to get Cydia, we feel that it is safer to wait for few days as these are initial days of this tool.

As other jailbreak apps, using this latest app is also risky. The decision is up to you whether you are going to this app or not. Firmly, keep in your mind that the developers of this tool do not hold any responsibility of any damage or malfunction caused on the mobile device after using it. We should be really thankful to the developer team on behalf of making the Cydia iOS 11.1.2 dream comes true.

Jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 update from Electra

It seems CoolStar going to start narrate a new story behind jailbreakers. With their all-new breakout released to jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 going to compatible Cydia download on all jailbroken devices. It was the eleventh beta that released arranging the path to Cydia substrate a few days back. In recent times, beta 11-3 became the most recent which is the best to have on your iDevice. Though Cydia is not there thus far, seems they expect to endure to make compatible Cydia as soon as possible as promised.

Here is the story that we created with a couple of specifics counted through reliable sources. Do not lose hope for wrongful directions. Here we go.

jailbreak ios 11.1.2

Jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 from hackers

There is no doubt of LiberiOS and Electra tools being the best and the only utilities for 11.0 to 11.1.2. But, none of those will be perfect for general users since both are in progressing tools to become sharp. It seems CoolStar and Jonathan Levin hardly works to make them clear and flawless. And even there should be a pathway to reach Cydia for there is no that much considerable thing than that. For there is a long distance between Cydia compatibility and the eleventh OS, any breakout even planned to develop will not capable to become completed.

Cydia for jailbreak iOS 11.1.2

Notably, Jay Freeman said that his team effort on a formal arrangement for the eleventh iPhone operating system. And as said, it was both Mobile and Cydia substrate compatibility. But for the reason that technically there is a barrier for not having ETA at this instant.

By the way, those who were anxiously remained far waiting for Cydia from Electra will be able to capture something good in the near future. As they just clued, a third-party source will combine and drop with an update to be applied all those who are excited. At the moment I am with this chapter, both available tools are empty even .deb and .theme folder supports them to reach jailbroken features.

jailbreak ios 11.1.2

Wrapping up

Although the utility Electra begins its journey as a developer-focused utility, it appears to be a public kit that even welcomes general users as well. With its update which is to be arranged Cydia, it will spread everywhere more than LiberiOS. And as CoolStar noted that they may capable to arrive at 11.2.2 as well, being patience will set you free on time.

By the way, while waiting for a utility for 11.2.2, keep your eyes over 11.1.2 and those jailbroken ones as well for there are many updates to be there gradually. And Saurik too has to unveil their arrangement which is in progress to set all broken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch free. While the Company started the journey of 11.3 as well a couple of weeks back, we hope to see interesting things related to its official release and that even yet to decide. Therefore, it is clear we have nothing further to clarify. But it does not mean the narration will end. Hope to see you soon with reliable updates as soon as possible.