Semi-restore lite with Electra jailbreak

Those who were bravely became jailbroken through Electra received great news regarding a special utility called semi-restore lite. Throughout, users capable to bring back their system into non-jailbroken by removing all tweaks and relatives. However, this would be interesting if you are a fan of Electra jailbreak. Thankfully, we could reach Cydia while the first LiberiOS either could not offer users such professional functionalities thus far. And even for Saurik yet to make compatible the eraser to step forward for an absolute restore, this option would be great for anyone can switch between broken and non-broken status whenever they desire. But there are a couple of points to clarify. Here is everything.

electra jailbreak

Semi-restore Lite for Electra jailbreak

When the utility Electra became a fully functional breakout, there should be several uses such as restore option and so on an addition to Cydia download functionalities. Therefore, Semi-restore is a wonderful feature that let you undo changes that you have done. But, since the recent implement seems to be a Lite function, it means you will not capable to arrange a complete restore since the feature has been updated with minimum uses.

However, if you have been worked with CoolStar on your iOS 11.0 – iOS 11.1.2 iDevice, you are capable to use this exclusive.


  1. Firstly, there you have to SSH into your iDevice using a proper computer
  2. When the procedure will start, you have to enter the command Bash SemiRestore11-Lite as you have to execute the program

If you are jailbroken and want to escape, go through the semirestore app. But this will not capable with LiberiOS though it brings you same capabilities.

electra jailbreak

Further to reach semi-restore lite via Electra jailbreak

Though the utility being Lite, seems it will expand its possibilities as well. Some of you may do not know that Electra develops an APFS Snapshot once you become broken through. Thus, it is the key that lets you use Semi-restore to revert you to the absolute stock state. As experts clarified, this would be handy for those who want to sell their iPhone or iPad while they have been broken. Or else when there is a special reason to bring back everything to stock position. If it seems difficult to handle the best thing would escape from, using Semi-restore Lite. If you feel you are in a risky station, the same option will left while there is nothing can do.

Final words

If you are a dedicated user of Electra, having this as the latest update would make you great and impressive. But, it would be good to be used with minimum knowledge regarding since unless you will have to re-jailbreak or else face some issues as well. By the way, seems CoolStar will arrange a couple of further updates as well till the utility become perfect. When there will be the actual Cydia app arrangement of Jay Freeman, we will be able to capture some further points. And it is doubt when it will be there, what will happen to CoolStar’s third-party application seed.