Latest Cydia tweaks for iOS 11.3.1

As we are getting closer to the end of the year 2018, there should be a new jailbreak to start a new story rather than just consider older breakouts and their updates. The only thing that is updated is tweaks and jailbreak apps that come through the Cydia app. Cydia tweaks are the most important part of a jailbroken device that lets the user deal with amazing customizations. Therefore, our collection today will let you all that jailbroken with iOS 11.3.1 to play with varies newfangled ones as follow.

cydia tweaks

All-new Cydia tweaks for iOS 11.3.1

  • BadgeColors

Those who love to color those badge notifications on their Home Screen capable to use this. And that the color can match according to the primary color of the certain application’s icon as well. With its special performance, it capable to add colors automatically to the text.

  • IGotAllEmojis

Add all-new Sticker functionality to the Instagram application simply using IGotAllEmojis.

  • IG video

Fellows who feel tired with a limited 60 seconds video on Instagram can use IG video that helps you in that bothersome point. It will let you apply unlimited video clip just with a simple tap.

  • TweetbotPush

The Tweetboot 5 will collect all Twitter push notifications.

  • SmartVolumeMixer

How great it would be if there will be an all-in-one volume controller? If you are interested, just check out SmartVolumeMixer tweak and that contain changes that the user can add even devoid of deduction.

  • Switches

This is an all-new tweak and that let the user modify the outward show of the worldwide toggles of the beloved iPhone.

  • XedgeProtect

This is a simple application which supports you to moderate predicted conflicts by simply turn the Home bar gesture.

  • BigDisClyde

Once the user launch the app, BigDisClyde will make larger the Discord animation logo.

  • FBNoBarEmoji

This will remove Suggestions, Emoji plus Sticker bars as well in the FB app.

  • PearlFinger

This will let you move further using a middle finger once Face ID verification will fail.

  • StackXI

StackXI is another utility which offered for jailbroken fellows with iOS 11 running devices.

  • Dark GMaps

This can easily resolve the trouble that occurs in Google Maps as automatic darkness.

cydia tweaks

Cydia tweaks for iOS 12.1

Of course, 12.1 is one of the talkative points because of its hottest standing. So we have to consider if there is such a demanding utility or at least a plan to release something significant, it would be great to capture. While I am with this narration, there is no any proper announcement for the 12th iPhone operating system at least for iOS 12.0 either. But we can count a couple of things simply rather than remain empty behind those demonstrations, rumors and clues we currently have. If you are a jailbreaker since far, then there is no doubt that you already know where you should go and where you should not. As 12.1 cannot upgrade to 12.0.1 now, just remain there at least without upgrade to 12.1.1 that we do not know any certain thing about jailbreaking.