Are you ready to welcome iOS 12.1 jailbreak?

It is been long from the commencing stages of the 12th iPhone operating system. But still, we could not collect any good detail regarding iOS 12.1 jailbreak that you are nervous for. If you were looking what will be the next breakout this might be the chapter that you should refer. Although there is nothing much to grab straight away, check out what we are going to unwrap. Here we go.

ios 12.1 jailbreak

Latest updates of iOS 12.1 jailbreak

As the recent major drop of Apple, the story of jailbreak is important behind the 12th OS. So we consider a couple of resources for its possibilities that updated recently.  There were a few demos related to the topic that you are anxious. But we cannot relate them directly to 12.1 as all were around iOS 12.0. With those, all we could do is realizing that vulnerabilities and exploits support us to enter the gate.

JailbreakMe-style jailbreak for iOS 12.1

In this point, we are going to unveil a method that will impress you but which still remains as a concept. However, we have to consider the JailbreakMe method once more after a long. It was an attention-grabbing pathway that we willingly walked in earlier times. Throughout, users capable to reach jailbroken features just using their iDevices by browsing the Safari browser.

Anyhow, this was a concept of Sem Voigtlander who surround our beloved hackers to make a reality. So Ian Beer, Pangu, CoolStar, Jonathan Levin, Luca Todesco, Niklas Baumsterk and several other hackers as well remain there behind. But unfortunately, it is not for 12.1 that you are anxious to break right away. With current details, it seems the possibility only start from iOS 4.0 and even just up to 12.0.1. As there is no any specific to realize the time frame, we cannot say when it will reach the audience at this instant.

ios 12.1 jailbreak

Will iOS 12.1 jailbreak become a Safari-based tool?

According to the above fine points, for surely there will be an optional JailbreakMe method application for 12.0.1 and earlier. Although there is no any detail to prove that it will support 12.1 as well in future, we suppose the project may expand if Sem got a key from the security frame of 12.1 too that even capable to enter via Safari. Since this is just a prediction, do not waste your time waiting for such a utility by an upgrade to 12.1. If your current station is 11.3.1 or any prior, enjoy Unc0ver with proper Cydia support in advance.

Wrapping up

When you need to go through Cydia on your iPhone or iPad, it is not that easy to reach until there is a proper breakout for the particular move on. Therefore, it is pity remind you that it is not that straightforward to reach Cydia through 12.1 while there is no any breakout. By the way, all we can do with current points is patiently count day by day. If rumors’ are true, something drawing attention will happen before the end of this year.